Monday, 27 May 2013

Bachelor Health Science students oral presentations

BHSC Oral Assessment photoLast week Bachelor of Health Science students in the unit HSC1101 were assessed on oral presentations based on media and journal articles.

HSC1101: Biological Bases of Health and Disease 1 is a unit that takes the students on a journey around the body teaching anatomy and physiology with a focus on both health and disease states.  Basia Diug who lectures in this unit says 'These assessments are challenging for students as they have to demonstrate use of key anatomical terms  and show an understanding of physiology while  engaging with  their peers'.

One excellent oral presentation focused on respiratory and cardiovascular health.  The students decided that the best way to engage their peers was to hold an intervention for a fellow student and use evidenced based research to inform him of the harms of smoking.  The journal article the students had was 'Short-term impact of smoking cessation on myocardial infarction and stroke hospitalisations and costs in Australia' from the Medical Journal of Australia.  Overall, it was an outstanding showcase of student innovation to engage and teach their peers about an important

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