Saturday, 4 May 2013

Prof John McNeil guest speaker at plastic surgery meeting in Melbourne

Prof John McNeilThe 2013 Plastic Surgery Congress was held at the Melbourne Convention Centre in April 2013. The congress was attended by a number of Presidents of Plastic Surgery Societies from USA, UK, NZ, South Africa and Holland. Prof McNeil was one of the guest speakers at this event and he delivered a presentation titled 'The Australian Breast Device Registry and the Value of Outcome Data’

 The meeting was followed by the signing of an agreement (the ICOBRA collaboration) which states the use of a common minimum data-set to monitor the long term safety of breast implants. This has been a matter of concern since the discovery of substandard silicone in one brand of implants produced in France.

Concerns have also grown about the inadequate information available about rupture rates and durability of implants, and their links to a rare form of malignancy.

The ICOBRA collaboration was initiated by A/Professor Rod Cooter who has been working closely with Dr Sue Evans, Renee Best and John McNeil in developing an Australian Breast Implant Registry. The international collaboration will assist in the prospective monitoring of implant safety, that are currently being used by many hundreds of thousands of women worldwide.

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