Thursday, 13 June 2013

Dr Susan Evans comments on the increase in early diagnosis of prostate cancer

006_Susan Evans_355746Following an evaluation of the rates of prostate cancer diagnosis using the Victorian Prostate Cancer Registry, it has become apparent that the disease is being diagnosed earlier and the rate of prostate removal surgery is on the increase.

Published in the June edition of the Medical Journal of Australia, Dr Sue Evans and collegeues carreid out a study that included 2724 men from 11 public and six private Victorian hospitals. The men were followed up 12 months after diagnosis.

The publication assessed the rates and types of treatment for patients following a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Patients were grouped according to their likelihood of disease progression.

What was discovered was that whilst the disease was being diagnosed earlier and radical prostatectomies were on the rise, older patients were less likely to receive active treatment compared to those younger than 55. Patients who had a lower risk of disease progression were also less likely to undergo active treatment. It was also apparent that if the patient was notified of their disease by a private hospital they were less likely to seek treatment.

Monash Medicine Media Release:

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