Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Health woes for newly arrived Sudanese migrants

More than half of Sudanese migrants arriving into Queensland are likely to be overweight or obese within the first four years of their arrival. In addition to this, 6.4% suffered from type 2 diabetes and 12.4% had hypertension. 

The Research was published by Associate Professor Andre Renzaho of the Global Health and Society Unit within the DEPM. The data was collected from Sudanese migrants living in Brisbane and Toowoomba. As most of the migrants were arriving from refugee camps where they are more likely to be undernourished, it was alarming to discover that despite an average length of stay in Australia of only 3.1 years, 51% were likely to be overweight or obese.

In addition to this, Andre discovered that, relative to the general population, Sudanese migrants were at increased risk of obesity and associated diseases such as type 2 diabetes.
The research paints an alarming portrait for the future health of Sudanese migrants to Australia, and highlights the need for greater health education for recently arrived migrants.

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