Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Honours Presentation: Bambino Bismara Mamuaya

Is there a relationship between obesity and multisite muscoskeletal pain throughout the body? SPHPM honours student Bambino Bismara Mamuaya is attempting to find out.

Muscoskeletal pain often leads to a decreased quality of life. It can result in sleep deprivation, and hamper a person’s ability to work. If there is more than one area of pain in a patient’s body, they are likely to experience an increase in negative effects.   

Previous studies have shown that obesity is a risk factor in fibromyalgia, a condition of chronic, multisite pain. Similarly, previous studies have shown that bariatric surgery (like gastric bypass surgery) can improve multisite pain occurrence in patients.  
This could be because fat mass can put an increased load on key structures, such as the lumbar vertebrae in the spine. Adipose tissue can also create joint pain.

However, minimal research has been done on the relationship between multisite pain - or pain occurring in many places throughout the body - and obesity. Bambino's study will try and fill this knowledge gap.


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