Thursday, 5 December 2013

New Risk Management plan for SPHPM

SPHPM’s Research Governance Officer, Marina Skiba, launched the updated Risk Management plan at the school's Excellence Awards night on 4th December.  

The school has had a risk management plan for over 10 years but it has recently undergone an overhaul.  The new plan will be more accessible, available as a standalone document and as part of the next version of the school’s Guide to Good Research Practice (due out early 2014).  Both documents are available in hard copy and on line via the Research Governance website (   The greater distribution will ensure more people are aware of it and will refer to it more often.

In drafting the school's Risk Management Plan the type of research conducted at the school was reviewed and the specific risks considered.  These risks are outlined in the document, along with preventative measures.  

This plan is supported by the schools Research Governance Committee and their two Research Governance Officers (Marina Skiba and Liz Bishop).  They can be contacted at  The Research Governance team is available to support all researchers.

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