Monday, 16 December 2013

Professor John McNeil speaks at the MJA clinical trials research summit

Professor John McNeil spoke on the future of multicentre trials at the MJA clinical trials research summit. The summit was geared to discuss the successes and challenges facing clinical trials research in Australia.

In particular, John spoke about the great progress which has been made with the ASPREE study, and of the great benefits and cost savings clinical trials can deliver. He also referred to the discoveries made through registries, such as the negligible benefits from angioplasty and the detection of faulty hip implants in the USA.
John also stressed the importance of simplifying the ethics applications for registries, in particular those of states other than Victoria, and of the need to move towards an opt-out model of consent for data collection.
He believes the key to a clinical registry succeeding relies on the motivation and foresight of its leaders, and the support of dedicated clinicians.

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