Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dr Carol Holden on men’s issues to watch

In her recent article in Medical Observer Dr Carol Holden from Andrology Australia provided some predictions on what is ahead for men’s health.  Topical focus issues, she believes, include:-

Drugs in Sport
The use and abuse of performance-enhancing drugs and ‘supplements’, and their potential health consequences, as well as ‘recreational’ drug and alcohol use, particularly among  young men. 
Body image
Recent evidence suggests that body image concerns are more prevalent in boys than previously thought, with boys manifesting these concerns in a different manner to girls.
Dads get the blues too
Health professionals are beginning to recognise that both parents share the emotional and psychological impacts of new parenthood. 
Prostate cancer
Several promising new approaches to the diagnosis of prostate cancer are under investigation, which may improve diagnosis and management. 
Erectile dysfunction
Men who experience erectile dysfunction face a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared to men who do not.

Andrology Australia is organising a forum for health professionals and the wider men’s health network to provide a platform for discussion and education around the current challenges facing Australian men.  More information on The ‘Health for the Modern Man’ forum can be found at http://andrology.asnevents.com.au/

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