Monday, 3 February 2014

Text messaging helps track amateur sports injuries

Whilst professional athletes receive top level care and management for their sporting injuries, the story is very different for recreational athletes. Until recently, there was little data available about injury rates among recreational athletes.

Christina Ekergen of the DEPM has trialled text messaging as a means of reporting injuries among recreational athletes.
"Despite making up the broad base of sports participation, community level sport has largely been neglected in much of sports medicine research," said Christina.
They recruited 139 football players from four Australian community clubs at the beginning of the 2012 season. 
During the study the researchers sent text messages to players from local footy clubs asking if they had sustained any injuries during the weekend's match. If the answer was yes, the researchers then called the player to get more information.
During the 18-week season, the researchers sent out 2,516 text messages. A total of 171 injuries were reported by 92 football players. Almost half of players responded within five minutes after receiving the texts, the researchers reported in Injury Prevention.
"We had an excellent response rate from players of 90-98 percent across the football season and the text responses came in really fast."
The research represents a quick and effective way to gather injury data from amateur athletes which could prove a useful research tool in the years to come.

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