Monday, 10 March 2014

Children as young as 12 at risk of developing gambling addiction

According to a report recently provided to Victoria's Responsible Gambling Foundation, children as young as 12 are among the identified 'at risk' groups for developing gambling addiction. Other vulnerable groups include international students, people with mental health issues, those in the criminal justice system, people from culturally diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders and those working in gambling venues.

Dr Charles Livingstone from the School's Department of Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine, said some groups in the community are "quite vulnerable and have very high rates of gambling problems". He agrees that targeting these groups makes sense. "It is unfortunate that kids 12 to 17 fall into this category and I think it demonstrates the extent to which gambling has saturated our community these days," he said.

According to James Dowling of The Age, the Report stated that "A great proportion of Australians growing up today are likely to have experience of gambling before they are 18."

Last year the foundation launched KidBet, an advertising campaign aimed to raise awareness about the impact of gambling and sports betting advertising on young people. The campaign formed part of the Foundation's youth engagement strategy to help reduce the number of young people developing gambling problems.

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