Friday, 21 March 2014

DEPM's student co-author's his first paper from his thesis

DEPM’s Chris Morrison has co-authored his first paper from his thesis, in the International Journal of Drug Policy.

The paper is entitled 'The economic geography of medical cannabis dispensaries in California', and it looks at the introduction of laws that permit the use of cannabis for medical purposes. According to the paper, the laws have led to the emergence of a medical cannabis industry in some US states.

This study assessed the spatial distribution of medical cannabis dispensaries according to estimated cannabis demand, socioeconomic indicators, alcohol outlets and other socio-demographic factors.

Telephone survey data from 5940 residents of 39 California cities were used to estimate social and demographic correlates of cannabis consumption.

It was found that cannabis dispensaries were located in block groups with greater cannabis demand, higher rates of poverty, alcohol outlets, and in areas just outside city boundaries. Click here to read the rest of the paper.

Well done Chris!

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