Thursday, 17 April 2014

Assisted Reproducive Technology published in online encyclopedia

DEPM's Dr Maggie Kirkman and Dr Karin Hammarberg  have recently had their peer-reviewed entry in The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Health, Illness, Behavior, and Society published online.

The entry entitled, Assisted Reproductive Technology outlines the history and effectiveness of assisted reproductive technology (ART) and compares its outcomes to natural conception. It also highlights the disparity between those who have access to ART and those who don't.

According to the article, the existence of ART opens new possibilities for conception, most of which provoke intense debate. These include, access by single people and same-sex couples, third-party conception, commercial surrogacy, the sale of gametes, reproductive cloning, and post-menopausal conception. Controversy also surrounds sex selection and other embryo screening techniques, welfare of children born after ART, donor anonymity in donor-assisted conception and rights of children born as a result of donor-assisted conception.

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