Friday, 4 April 2014

Dr Ken Harvey joins SPHPM

SPHPM has recently welcomed Dr Ken Harvey into the role of adjunct associate professor for the department.  

Dr Harvey left his position at La Trobe University in protest after it announced plans for a multimillion dollar research centre with funding from complementary medicines firm Swisse.

Dr Harvey plans to continue his fight for tougher regulation of the complementary medicines sector, including the burgeoning medicinal foods market, which he described as the next frontier in the battle against allegedly spurious marketing claims.

“We have the food medicine interface becoming a more and more popular destination for product sponsors as they move from complementary medicines toward shakes and various other things because they know there is even less chance of being done for making unsubstantiated marketing claims,” he said.

“What makes it harder to tackle is the fact that it belongs to all the different state and territory jurisdictions… but we will just have to lodge the appropriate complaints as cases arise, continue to test the system and publicise its failures when it falls short.”

Dr Harvey was planning to retire this year but now plans to continue working for another five years during which he also hopes to foster a new generation that might follow in his footsteps.

“Working with students and postgraduates allows me the opportunity to help to train other people to come along and take up this important work,” he said.

Click here to read the full article in the Medical Observer.

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