Thursday, 17 April 2014

Homelessness in women and their children - "I just wanted somewhere safe"

DEPM's Dr Maggie Kirkman has co authored a study which looks into the effects of homelessness on single mothers and their children. The paper highlights the common causes which often send women and their children into homeless situations, and discusses the long term consequences for those involved.

Entitled, ‘I just wanted somewhere safe’: Women who are homeless with their children, the study found that while ill mental health was not a main factor in causing homelessness in the women interviewed, it was a very common outcome of their situation. The paper noted that women felt insecure, unsafe and a failure as a parent as a result of their homelessness which contributed largely to their decline in good mental health.

The paper also found that women and children who found themselves in a situation where they had nowhere to live were often victims of domestic violence, economical decline and had been evicted from rental properties due to landlords renovating or selling the house.

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