Thursday, 8 May 2014

Anti-diabetic drug may hold the key to diabetes prevention in obese women

SPHPM's Professor Susan Davis has headed a research project which found that a common anti-diabetic drug could hold the key to preventing diabetes in obese women.

The drug known as Metformin can be used to prevent the progression of insulin resistance that leads to type two diabetes.  Professor Davis conducted the research on 120 obese women who were given the drug or a placebo twice daily for 26 weeks. It found women who had 1700mg/day of Metformin had improved insulin resistance and weight loss. However, it had the preventive effect on women with excess abdominal weight, but not those who were morbidly obese.

The study, which is being presented at International Menopause Society 14th World Congress Menopause in Cancun, Mexico, was funded by The Bupa Health Foundation.

Click here to read the original article published in The Herald Sun.

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