Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Congratulation to David Newman on receiving the John Paul Stapp Award 2014

Assoc Prof David Newman receives
the John Paul 
Stapp Award for 2014 
A/Prof David Newman has recently returned from the 85th Aerospace medical Association conference in California where he was presented the prestigious John Paul Stapp Award.
This award is given to recognise outstanding contributions in the field of aerospace biomechanics. As the 1st Australian to receive this award David was credited with his significant and ongoing contributions to the field. His papers have been widely referenced and the information used in developing safety equipment and procedures. His expertise in aerospace biodynamics has been called upon in relation to a number of aircraft accident investigations in Australia and by other agencies.
In this fascinating  video see the experiments performed by Col John Paul Stapp in the 40's + 50's.

David'd book Flying Fast Jets: Human Factors and Performance Limitations, was published this month by Ashgate in the UK. The book provides a detailed overview of the human factors and performance limitations associated with flying fast jets. It has a strong military focus, dealing with pilots of fighter aircraft, attack aircraft and lead-in fighter trainer aircraft that are traditionally only single or dual pilot operations. Examining the human performance issues associated with the technological advances made in fast jets such as increased manoeuvrability.

Well done David on your dual achievements. 

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