Tuesday, 20 May 2014

International Clinical Trials Day 2014

20th May is International Clinical Trials day, which marks the anniversary of the day James Lind began the world’s first clinical trial to investigate the prevention and treatment of scurvy in 1747. Lind’s pioneering randomised controlled trial, which consisted of just 12 men and lasted only six days, provided the first reliable evidence that citrus fruits could cure scurvy.

International Clinical Trials Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the selfless contributions of the many millions of patients each year who volunteer to participate in trials and the hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses and other health professionals dedicated to generating better evidence for patient care through clinical trials.
ACTA’s Chair, Professor John Zalcberg OAM said: “We are incredibly fortunate to have many of the world’s leading clinical triallists based here in Australia.

Two current School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine trials are :-
ASPREE Study - International patient randomised trial to determine whether aspirin should be routinely administered to healthy people over 70 years of age to delay the onset of disability and dementia.

TRANSFUSE-RCT - multi-centre, randomised, controlled trial, testing the effect of the freshest available red blood cell (RBC) unit compared to standard practice, on mortality in critically ill patients who require RBC transfusion.

A full list of the organisations that are part of the ACTA community is available at http://www.clinicaltrialsalliance.org.au/about-acta/the-acta-community/

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