Thursday, 8 May 2014

Notice to all SPHPM researchers: Small grants policy updated

The small grants policy has recently been updated, and applies to all researchers at SPHPM.

Under the University’s new budget model, the faculty is required to achieve a 15.5% margin on direct costs including space costs. Therefore, where new projects are awarded after an operational unit has established its budget for the year, a gross margin of at least 15.5% should ideally be included in the costing calculation.

When pricing a new small grant it is important to remember that, central support charges and faculty charges do not need to be included for existing staff where a unit/group/department (whichever is applicable) is covering its full costs and meeting its surplus target for the year.  However, if a fraction of the chief investigator’s time is included in the budget of the project, then that fraction of time should be costed against the project in order to accurately reflect the costs of the project for acquittal purposes. This will also free up Departmental operating funds for new initiatives.

A copy of the full guidelines are available on the school's intranet here.

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