Thursday, 1 May 2014

NHMRC gives $1.5 million grant for blood transfusion study

Professor Jamie Cooper, Director of Monash University Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Research Centres (ANZIC-RC) and Director of Critical Care Research for SPHPM will lead new research focusing on life saving blood transfusions for people who are critically ill.
Thanks to a $1.5 million grant from the National Health and Medical Research Centre, Professor Cooper's team will be able to focus on life saving blood transfusions for people with bleeding from trauma, surgery, liver disease and women who need a transfusion after giving birth.

Professor Cooper said the funding would lead to the development of innovative new ways to increase the efficiency of blood transfusions.

A critical component of the project will see an improvement in the management of blood transfusions in Australia and New Zealand through the expansion of the Massive Transfusion Registry from six to more than 50 hospitals over a three-year period.

The MTR aims to measure outcomes of patients who have had massive transfusion and the impact of changes to the blood transfusion services. It builds on work being undertaken at the Centre of Research Excellence for Patient Blood Management in Critical Illness and Trauma at Monash University.

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