Thursday, 22 May 2014

SPHPM helps raise awareness about men's health

The School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine's Dr Sue Evans attended Gippsland's Biggest Ever Blokes BBQ last week to raise awareness about preventing Prostate Cancer. Gippsland has had among the lowest five-year survival rates from prostate cancer in Victoria, and Dr Evans is in charge of The Prostate Cancer Registry which is trying to identify why this is the case. 

Currently, The Prostate Cancer Registry is outlining patterns of care and quality of life at 12 and 24 months following a diagnosis of prostate cancer. The research is also comparing treatment and outcome patterns in Gippsland with other areas of Victoria.

The BBQ promoted men's health awareness, and encouraged men over 40 to get their prostates checked in order to change the current figure which puts men in Gippsland and the LaTrobe Valley at a 30 per cent more chance of suffering from prostate cancer than those of metropolitan Melbourne.

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