Thursday, 5 June 2014

Road Safety Committee's report on the Serious Injury Inquiry Released

Signification reduction of road deaths has been achieved in Victoria, 2013 having the lowest road death toll in the recorded statistics, with 242 deaths. However, concern has been voiced that these statistical mask the prevalence of serious road injury.  In presenting evidence to the committee, A/ Professor Stuart Newstead from the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC), stated "that Victorian road safety has had a ‘mono‐focus’ on road fatalities, to the detriment of serious injuries."

The committee was informed through their inquiry by research from both MUARC and Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit (VISU). Resultantly three key themes were identified. Firstly the criticality of accurate,  usable  and accessible serious  injury  data. Secondly the importance of consistent, best  practice evaluation of road safety countermeasures. Thirdly achieving  long‐term serious injury reductions requires  a  greater focus  on serious  injuries  in  Victorian road safety policy.

The Inquiry published recommendations such as,
Recommendation 15: That road safety agencies, in cooperation with the Victorian State Trauma Outcomes and Registry Monitoring Group  (VSTORM),  undertake a pilot data linkage project.

Full report is available here 

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