Monday, 28 July 2014

Infanticide and illegal infant abandonment in Malaysia

SPHPM's Salmi Razali has had her first article from her PhD published online. Supervised by Prof Jane Fisher and Dr Maggie Kirkman from the Jean Hailes Institute, the study looks at the prevalence and characteristics of infanticide and illegal infant abandonment in Malaysia, and estimates annual rates for the most recent decade.

The study found that there are substantial missing data, with details undocumented for about 78–87% of cases and suspected perpetrators. Of the documented cases, it appeared that more boys than girls were victims and that suspected perpetrators were predominantly Malays who were women, usually mothers of the victim. Economic and social inequality, particularly gender inequality, might contribute to the phenomena of infanticide and abandonment. It also noted that strategies to reduce rates of infanticide and illegal infant abandonment in Malaysia will require strengthening of the surveillance system and attention to the gender-based inequalities that underpin human development.

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