Thursday, 17 July 2014

Study designs a tool to evaluate medical trainees in evidence based medicine

DEPM's A/Prof Dragan Illic has recently co-authored a study which evaluates medical trainees’ competency in evidence based medicine (EBM) across knowledge, skills and attitude. While a variety of instruments have been developed to assess knowledge and skills in EBM, few assess all aspects of EBM - including knowledge, skills attitudes and behaviour - or have been psychometrically evaluated.

The study developed  the ACE tool which  presents users with a short patient scenario from which a clinical question is derived. Users are then presented with a search strategy (designed to identify a randomised controlled trial) and a hypothetical article extract. Users are required to work through 15 questions (answering yes or no), with each question representing one of the four steps of EBM (formulation of the clinical question, search of the literature, critical appraisal and application of the evidence to the patient)

The study found that the 15-item ACE tool is a reliable and valid instrument to assess medical trainees’ competency in EBM. The ACE tool provides a novel assessment that measures user performance across the four main steps of EBM. However it concedes that to provide a complete suite of instruments to assess EBM competency across various patient scenarios, future refinement of the ACE instrument should include further scenarios across harm, diagnosis and prognosis.

To read the full paper, click here. 

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