Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Dr Marie Misso's travel grant success in London

London Night by Dr Marie Misso
Dr Marie Misso from Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation recently received a travel grant so she could attend The Health Services Research: Evidence-based practice conference at King’s College London. 

Written by Dr Marie Misso

The Health Services Research: Evidence-based practice conference was held at King’s College London from 1-3 July and brought together researchers, clinicians and policy makers from a range of health care disciplines and settings.  The conference included sessions about health systems and implementation research, evidence-based practice and policy, global health systems and equity, and health economics. It was the perfect opportunity to hear experts (who over the years have become my gurus) talk about their ideas, frameworks and developments.  At times I felt like a groupie waiting for my favourite popstar to appear on stage while waiting for the likes of Trisha Greenhalgh, Tikki Pang, Nicholas Mays, Susan Michie and Anne Sales to step up to the podium!

Our poster, outlining a protocol to develop, implement and evaluate a training program to engage and support clinicians at Monash Health in clinical and implementation research was well received.  Titled “Clinical research and leadership training program as a knowledge translation initiative across an Australian health care service”, it described a partnership project between Monash University and Monash Health.  It consists of a six step program of research based on a framework that has been shown to lead to successful implementation and long-term sustainability, drawing upon knowledge translation and implementation science principles, as well as medical education frameworks.

Our poster abstract was published in the conference online supplement in BMC Health Services Research (Vol 14 (Suppl 2):P78, July 2014) and the protocol manuscript has subsequently been invited for publication in BMC Health Research Policy and Systems.   

Of all the learning, idea sharing and publication opportunities the conference delivered, perhaps the most exciting achievement was being retweeted by Trisha Greenhalgh! (Pictured right). 

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