Monday, 18 August 2014

Study calls for new approach to systematic reviews

SPHPM's Prof Sally Green has co-authored a study which proposes a new way of preparing systematic reviews so that they can be properly implemented by clinicians, patients, and policymakers.

According to the study, effective delivery of treatments requires clear procedural details of the essential elements of treatment. It adds that if a systematic review finds that a class of interventions is effective, then the users of the review will want to know which version of the intervention to use. Current methods to guide selection or synthesis from the variations of a treatment used across trials in a systematic review are poorly developed, and absent from most instructions on systematic review methods.

The study suggests that review authors provide an “intervention options table”, which describes the pros and cons of some intervention alternatives used in an individual trial or set of trials. In notes that if clinicians and policymakers are to be expected to base their practices on the results of systematic reviews, then there needs to be more information for them to do so. 

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