Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Venous leg ulcer seminar 15th August 2014

On Friday 15th August 2014, the Centre of Research Excellence in Patient Safety (CREPS) Monash University, is running a Venous leg ulcer seminar in Melbourne. Click here for event details.

Venous leg ulcers (VLU) are a common and costly problem worldwide. Ulcers are painful and healing is protracted and recurrence common. The cycle of healing and recurrence has a considerable impact on quality of life and increase health care costs.

An estimated 400,000 Australians suffer from VLU with an annual cost of treating VLU in the health care system estimated at $2-3billion per year. These figures are consistent with what is observed in the United States, Canada, Europe and Scandinavia.

The VLU burden is expected to rise with an ageing population and the growing epidemic of diabetes and obesity. Despite progress in the last two decades, venous disease remains understudied and is underestimated for its effect on public health. VLU are often misdiagnosed. There is variability in practice, and lack of standardisation of how to proceed with a definitive treatment once diagnosis confirmed.
The immense economic and social impact of VLU in our society calls for allocation of a higher level of research resources to understand biological mechanisms underlying the complexities.
There is a need for a unifying global goal to direct research and development, education and awareness activities, health care priorities and changes in public policies.

At Monash we are working towards improving VLU healing and decreasing recurrence. The Aspirin in VLU (ASPiVLU) multicentre randomised controlled trial will commence recruitment in late 2014 to investigate if low dose aspirin can increase healing time. The preliminary development of VLU registry is another coordinated approach to monitor patterns and quality of care.
The venous leg ulcer seminar will bring together an international expert Dr Rut Oien, head of Swedish leg ulcer registry, Dr Sue Evans head of clinical registries Monash University, clinicians, researchers, policy makers to discuss critical issues in

1. Ulcer prevention

2. Ulcer treatments

3. Ulcer recurrence
Speakers will present an overview of registry development, debate current evidence, and in panel discussions, discuss critical issues to improve VLU treatments in Australia.

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