Thursday, 11 September 2014

Good mental health in the workplace relies on campaings like R U OK?

An SPHPM study published this year has highlighted the prevalence of mental health problems in working populations.

With the recent focus on the R U OK? campaign which asks all Australians to become ‘Conversation Mates’, this study illuminates the importance of a healthy workplace. The conversation theme of R U OK? is based on the premise that taking the time to have a simple chat can stop little problems turning into bigger ones.

According to the study, workplace interventions to address common mental health problems usually follow one of three main threads: medicine, public health, or psychology.

The paper found that if workplaces used an integrated approach to mental health which combines the strengths of all three pathways, there is great potential to optimise both the prevention and management of mental health problems in the workplace.

Full study here.

For more information about the R U OK campaign click here.

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