Thursday, 11 September 2014

National Science Week 2015 grant round

The grant round for National Science Week 2015 will open next month.

The round has a total value of $500 000. Grants may be awarded between $2000 and $25 000.

The grant selection committee will be looking for innovative ideas that help engage new audiences in a wide range of locations in different facets of science, technology, maths and engineering. Partnerships are held in high regard, as is co-investment that leverages the value of the grant funds.

The 2015 Grant Guidelines have the same eligibility, criteria and funding restrictions as this year. Among other things, projects must be science engagement events, be held in National Science Week and must not include requests for the grant to fund internal salary, project management, capital items or catering.

Here is a grant funding agreement template - your organisation needs to be comfortable with the standard clauses in the agreement before you apply. Here is a sample application for a simple National Science Week project, as well as FAQs.

Please find tips for applicants here – they will help you write a better application. The key message is that each year about 10% of the applications are ineligible, and less than half of the eligible ones receive any funding.

The round will be open for applications from 0900 AEST, Wednesday 1 October to 1600 AEDT, Thursday 23 October. You must start entering your application at least an hour before the grant round closes.

See more here.

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