Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Responsible management of motor vehicle drivers with dementia and dementia awareness week

Recently, DEPM's Prof Joseph E Ibrahim co authored a study which looks at responsible management of motor vehicle drivers with dementia. 

The study found that older people are increasing as a proportion of road users, are more likely to have dementia and are over-represented in fatal and serious crashes. It notes that doctors should provide the patient with an understanding of their specific risks of driving. This requires identifying the nature and degree of the cognitive impairments associated with their dementia in the context of any additional physical limitations and visual impairment. 

Click here to read full study. 

Dementia Awareness Month is the national flagship month for Alzheimer's Australia's community awareness activities each year. Occurring this September, the theme for 2014 is 'Creating a Dementia Friendly Australia'. This year's theme gives individuals and businesses a better understanding of the steps they can take to ensure that all members of the community are engaged and involved, including those living with a diagnosis of dementia.

Click here to found out more.

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  1. Great post on motor vehicle drivers with dementia!! Last week I visited a Port Macquarie Driving School and they told me the importance of dementia awareness. Actually my father has joined the school for leaning automatic driving. For me it is the best driving school!!



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