Thursday, 25 September 2014

What is testosterone?

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Testosterone is often referred to as a male sex hormone in reality it’s much more that. As investigated by Professor Robert McLachlan, Prof Susan Davis and others on the ABC Catalysis show . 

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Testosterone affects us all Prof Susan says, “Women have more testosterone circulating in their blood at any time than they have oestrogen, so testosterone's a really important hormone for women.”

Testosterone is important in overall good health, research suggest that a decline in levels is linked to obesity, diabetes and reduced cognitive function.

Researchers at the Monash School of Public health are conducting numerous studies to further investigate these links. Two which are currently recruiting participants are :-
This research will benefit not only women with PCOS who are treated with anti-androgen therapy, but also women in general. As this study will contribute to our understanding of the role of testosterone in brain function in women.
To register for this study call 9903 0830 or email at

This study aims to find out whether diet and testosterone can prevent type 2 diabetes in men who have prediabetes and relatively low testosterone.  For more information or to register for the study visit
Fact sheets and booklets on specific conditions like testosterone (androgen) deficiency are available from Andrology Australia.

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  1. Effects of declining testosterone levels should not be cause for panic, much less for extreme anxiety. You are still a man despite your lesser sex drive, or your smaller erections within shorter periods, or your lower frequency of nocturnal erections although you may feel otherwise.

    Your acceptance of these signs of natural aging as well as your willingness to find effective solutions to these issues.



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