Monday, 6 October 2014

School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine Travel Grant Success

Vienna University 
Jessica Kasza who received a round 2 travel grant, recently went to Vienna to attend the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics 35th Annual Conference. 

Written by Jessica Kasza

Last month, I was lucky enough to attend the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics 35th Annual Conference, held in Vienna from August 24 to 28. This conference is the largest annual gathering of biostatisticians, and this year was larger than ever, with about 600 participants and 280 presentations. The conference took place in the main building of the University of Vienna, built in 1865, and a welcome reception was held in the (very grand) town hall.

One of the key themes at this year’s conference was observational studies and causal inference methods, and my presentation, “Dialysis, catheter use, and mortality: challenges in applying marginal structural models to data from a clinical registry”, joint work with Rory Wolfe and Kevan Polkinghorne, fit well with this theme. This talk described challenges in the application of complex causal methodology to data from clinical registries, with a particular focus on the problems of clustering of patients within health care providers, and unmeasured confounding. In the talk, I described the application of our methods to data from the Australian and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry, although these methods are applicable to registry data more generally.
I had many interesting discussions with colleagues, and attended many interesting talks, all of which have given me much inspiration for furthering my work. An even greater inspiration was the declaration that the 2018 International Society for Biostatistics conference will be held in Melbourne – the first time the conference will take place in the southern hemisphere. This conference will bring the biostatistics world to Melbourne – which is something to look forward to!

Round 3 travel grants for SPHPM have recently been announced, congratulations to the following researchers for their success:
  • Darshini Ayton 
  • Enayet Chowdhury 
  • Ri Scarborough 
  • Anna Baker 
  • Sara Holt 
  • Kylie Venardos 
  • Margaret Brand 
  • Meera Senthuren 
  • Michael Fahey 
  • Barbora De Courten 
The next round for travel grants will be available in 2015. 

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