Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Study develops a resource to help women who suffer from post natal anxiety

Researchers from the Jean Hailes Research Unit have published a study which looks at creating an initiative to help women who suffer from post natal syndromal or sub-syndromal anxiety.

The study notes that childbirth and infant care can place great demands on a woman’s personal life. Most women will manage the adjustment well, but some will experience psychological turbulence that is distressing and disabling.

The postnatal period can create a high risk for anxiety in women, but there are few life stage specific
resources available to help deal with this. This is despite public health policy recommendations
for universal screening for mental health problems.

The study used the first two steps of the four step United Kingdom Medical Research Council (UKMRC) guidance and with input from consumers to develop and pilot a supported self-help psycho education resource for the management of post natal anxiety. 

The theoretically sound What Am I Worried About (WAWA) resource uses cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness in a seven-module programme supported by a 30-min telephone consultation with a mental health professional during each module.

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