Thursday, 27 November 2014

Honours highlight - Melissa Boglis

Melissa Boglis completed her Honours Degree with the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine this year. Take a read of her experience and what she learnt from the program. 

After completing her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science, Melissa decided to apply for honours because she saw it as a way to continue studying something that she was passionate about.

“I have always wanted to do medical research but I wasn’t always sure as to what field exactly, although once I started my biomedical degree, I knew that I wanted to work with drugs and with haematology,” Melissa notes.

Melissa’s honours project this year looked at warfarin education with older patients.

“We’re looking at improving the patient’s knowledge and education so that they can better manage their drugs and hopefully have improved outcomes,” she explains. “My research is really important for the older population because we are working with a drug that a lot of older Australians take so we hope that it will help with Australia’s aging population”.

For Melissa, honours not only allowed her to work in a field that she is interested in, it has also taught her more about the process of researching.

“The most interesting thing that I’ve learnt since I started my honours is the amount of work that goes into research,” she mentions.

“When you’re studying your undergraduate, you get given a lot of information and doing honours, I really learnt a lot about the amount of work that goes into actually obtaining that information and the studies that are performed…so there really is a lot behind what we learnt through biomed”.

Though it was a big change from studying at the student based Clayton campus to the offices in The Alfred Centre, Melissa says that she found the transition to be quite smooth.

“What I really like about The School of Public Health are the people, everyone’s really nice and friendly. It’s really easy to get help if you need it, and everyone offers a lot of support within The School”.

She admits that the course is sometimes tough, but she’s loved every minute of it.

“It’s definitely fulfilled all of my expectations. It has been a lot of work but I’ve really enjoyed it at the same time”.

As for her advice to anyone who is starting their Honours Degree, Melissa says the most important step is to just jump into the program. 

“Firstly, definitely go ahead with the program because you’ll learn a lot from it and secondly, go in with an open mind so that you can get the most out of the degree”.

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