Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Community health services within Victoria could benefit from improved planning

Veronique Roussy and  Dr. Charles Livingstone have co-authored a study that found community health service planning in Melbourne’s outer regions are influenced by available data and methodologies, the policy context in the current environment and the legal position of registered community health services.

Community health services are identified as services that amalgamate non-traditional medical services such as political and social factors that influence poor health alongside clinical practices, creating an individual program that assists local communities (specifically disadvantaged populations).

Data indicated that there are 90 community health services within Victoria. The intention of the study was to determine the influence and the limitations of contextual elements in community health service planning. The findings allowed the researchers to determine that consistent planning of services could enable community health services to better utilize their services through their position within primary health care and effectively address their weaknesses as a unique service within the population.

The authors conclude that narrowed and long term funding streams would better the community health services planning capabilities and as a result, local communities would reap the benefits of improved community health services. 

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