Monday, 8 December 2014

HIV positive individuals in Beijing at high risk of depression

Eight researchers have co-authored a study that has identified individuals living with HIV are at increased risk of depression in comparison to non-HIV positive individuals. The study identified people living within HIV in an outpatient clinic in Beijing had severe depressive symptoms that were five times the rate of those in a general urban community within China.

The intention of the study was to determine severity, prevalence and HIV-associated depressive symptoms of people who are HIV positive within a population living in Beijing.

The participants were HIV-positive individuals who attended an out-patient clinic. 98% of patients participated within the study with 69% of responses being categorized as neuropsychologically impaired. Individuals who had scored indicating depressive symptoms had past issues of alcohol abuse and low education levels.

The authors noted that the study was the first case in which participants had been assessed for depression and no individual had access to treatment. This indicated a strong need for incorporation of psychological support into existing HIV programs for people living within HIV in Beijing.

Find the study here.

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