Monday, 8 December 2014

Poor dental health linked to depression

A large-scale study co-authored by Monash SPHPM’s Adrienne O’Neil has found a positive association between poor dental health and depression.

The study recognizes that poor dental health has long been recognized as a source of systemic inflammation, with previous literature identifying it as a risk factor for the progression of inflammatory disease, such as CVD.

The authors states that there is currently little research on the relationship between dental health and depression, with a majority of studies focusing on the relationship between periodontal disease and the onset of depression. Therefore, the paper looked into the evidence supporting the theory of depression being classified as an inflammatory disease. However, the association between poor dental health and depression was found independent of markers of inflammation, CRP and BMI.

The authors concluded that their findings suggest that oral health could be a potential key determinant of overall population health.

Finf the study here.

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