Friday, 20 February 2015

2014 Summer Vacation Program Presentations

Last night, SPHPM hosted the 2014 Summer Vacation Program Presentations. Twenty-three students spent a month with the school in December and four students were chosen to present on their time with SPHPM and the departments they worked with. 
Congratulations to Catherine Arnold for winning  the top presentation for the 2014 Summer Vacation Program! 

We'd also like to congratulate the top four students chosen to present last night:

Helen Huang: The 6 Pack Project: Prevention of in-hospital falls
Supervisor: Associate Professor Anna Barker

Catherine Arnold: Investigating sex differences in symptoms of acute coronary syndrome
Supervisor: Dr. Janet Bray

Grace Jeckel: An insight into complementary medicine and the regulation of the supplement industry
Supervisor: Dr Kenneth Harvey

Christie Allen: My Summer Research Project: Working with MERC
Supervisor: Associate Professor Dragan Illic

All four presentations were the result of hard work, with students working tirelessly to present their findings. We thank all the students for the time spent with us. 

We'd also like to thank Sharon Gurry for the excellent refreshments provided last night and we thank everyone who attended to support the students. 

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