Monday, 9 February 2015

Female Sexual Dysfunction: Women's experiences following hormone therapy

SPHPM’s Professor Susan Davis, Ensieh Fooladi, Professor Robin Bell and Associate Professor Andrea Whittaker from the School of Social Sciences have published a paper discussing women’s perceptions and expectations in access treatment for female sexual dysfunction and their experience following treatment.

The study sought to identify women’s perspectives on treatment for female sexual dysfunction as well as understand their experience during and following treatment. The study also discussed the effect of female sexual dysfunction on women’s’ relationships with their partner. The current lack of research surrounding females’ experiences of treatment for female sexual dysfunction was a driving factor behind the study.

A qualitative approach was utilised with participants having in-depth interviews followed by phone interviews four months after initial contact. Out of the seventeen women first taking part in the interviews, ten of the participants also took part in the phone interviews. The results indicated that there was psychological distress correlating with female sexual dysfunction, with females being anxious about the impact of female sexual dysfunction on their sexual relationship with their partner. Furthermore, the research highlighted that following treatment, women experienced positive sexual and physical changes.

The researchers conclude that there is a need for greater awareness by health professionals in regards to the psychological distress that females can experience due to female sexual dysfunction. Lastly, there should be consideration for all treatment options; including hormone therapy.

The study is available in full here.


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