Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Dr Livingstone on the decision to introduce new cash-out machines within clubs

Dr Charles Livingstone has been featured in an article within The Herald Sun discussing the new installation of cash-out machines in clubs and venues due to the withdrawal limit on ATMs.

The policy to restrict the amount an individual could withdraw from an ATM intended to assist in controlling the issue of those who engage in problem gambling.  However, with the introduction of cash-out machines, the policy is no longer as effective as this new strategy provides a loophole around the legislation.

Dr Livingstone has stated within the article that the problem stems from the current legislation for gambling. Due to vested interests from different states and territories, given the income generated from gambling, the newer strategies introduced are 'half-measures'.

He explains that these measures avoid more simple legislation that have known efficacy, an example being a limit on bets. Dr Livingstone concludes that this new scheme, whilst pushing gamblers to interact with a staff member in order to access cash may have an effect, however it would be influenced by how much interaction an individual would have to have with the staff member.

Professionals also mentioned in the article argue that this strategy forces individuals to engage with staff and allows them to monitor whether they are frequent users of the machine, allowing them to determine whether they should approach the person. Furthermore, if individuals are accessing money outside, venues will not have the chance to identify them and address the issue.

The Herald Sun piece can be read here.

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