Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Dr Martine Dennekamp and team have launched a study to identify the health effects of smoke from bushfires

A group of researchers from Monash University have launched a study to determine the effects of smoke from bushfires on the health of individuals living in regional Victoria.

Dr Martine Dennekamp from SPHPM, the lead researcher on the study, has stated in the Monash News that the planned burning season can allow for an opportunity to effectively determine the effects of smoke on the health of individuals within communities.

The researchers are exploring the changes in individual’s health with examination of healthy individuals to track any changes such as the inflammation of lungs or fluctuations in lung function. The results obtained from this study can assist in developing sound advice to provide to communities during the planned burning and bushfire season.

The study is being directed by Monash University, CSIRO and the University of Tasmania. This is also a partnership with the Victorian Department of Health, the Environment Protection Authority, the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and the Natural Hazard Cooperative Research Centre.

The team are now in the final year of the study and are requesting for participants who reside in Warburton within the Yarra Valley region. For individuals interested in taking part, you can call 1800 200 262 or alternatively, you can email

The Monash News article is available here.


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