Thursday, 2 April 2015

MCHRI Staff Achievements

Read about the most recent MCHRI* staff achievements!

* Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation – a division of SPHPM

Ms Aya Mousa
Aya Mousa has recently won the first prize in the Endocrinology Clinical Research poster section of the Monash Health Research Week for 2015. The poster was titled Vitamin D is related to glucose homeostasis and chronic low-grade inflammation in healthy normoglycaemic individuals. (​Authors: Aya Mousa, Jasmine Lyons, Georgia Soldatos, Karly Sourris, Sonia Dougherty, Helena Teede, Maximilian de Courten, Josephine Forbes, Barbora de Courten.)

Dr Sally Abell
Dr Abell recently attended the 2015 US Endo Conference in San Diego. She received an Early Career Forum Travel Award and a Postgraduate Travel Grant Award. Her poster was titled Gestational diabetes mellitus, obesity and adverse pregnancy outcomes at Monash Health. (Authors: Sally Abell, Jacqui Boyle, Sanjeeva Ranasinha, Sophia Zoungas, Helena Teede.) Sally is also attending the Diabetes in Pregnancy Conference in Berlin in April, and was the recipient of the Young Investigator Award for Clinical Research for Monash Health/MHTP Research Week 2015.

Professor Sophia Zoungas
Professor Zoungas has received the Monash Health Research Week Rising Star Award, recognising her rising research impact and leadership for a clinical research program in diabetes and vascular health. 

Dr Melanie Gibson-Helm
Dr Gibson-Helm has won the first prize in Monash Health Research Week in the field of Public Health, Health Services and Ageing Research. Her poster was titled Continuous quality improvement and routine metabolic screening in pregnancy by primary health centres in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. (Authors: Melanie Gibson-Helm, Helena Teede, Alice Rumbold, Ross Bailie, Jacqueline Boyle.)

Dr Jacqueline Boyle
Dr Boyle was inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women in March 2015. This achievement recognises women who have contributed to the Victorian community through their drive, vision and determination to shape and better Victoria. 

We congratulate all these women on their outstanding achievements, awards and successes and we look forward to seeing more from them in the near future!

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