Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Professor Henry Krum's NHMRC Program Grant

Professor Henry Krum from the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine and his secured a NHMRC Program Grant in the recent program grant funding announcement. 

The grant titled ‘Novel approaches to the prevention and treatment of chronic heart disease and its co-morbid complications’ is worth over $5.6 million over 5 years. Professor Krum and his team will seek to develop strategies to prevent and treat chronic heart disease and associated complications, such as chronic kidney disease and diabetes.

The Program intends to deliver facilities, techniques and a range of complementary expertise in a strategic manner which is supported by a collaborative framework. The three main themes within this Program are; identification of novel cell-signalling, neurohormonal and growth factor pathways crucial in the development of cardiovascular and co-morbid disease, and evaluation of potential pharmacological and device strategies to therapeutically manipulate these pathways. 

This is supported with the research infrastructure, integrated with the pre-clinical and clinical trials and epidemiological studies. Professor Krum, Chief Investigator A brings a wealth of information regarding clinical pharmacology, clinical trials and epidemiology. His role is crucial to ensure the timeliness of the research studies that the Program has proposed. Furthermore, Professor Krum will govern overall strategy of the proposed in vitro and in vivo studies. 

Professor Krum will also give an overall view of how each facet must interact to ensure that the research answers the intended questions to yield the most promising results. The Program aims to translate pre-clinical findings into clinical trials, as well as translate clinical and epidemiological findings into practice and policy. Other Chief Investigators in this study are Professor Christopher Reid and Professor Danny Liew. We congratulate the Professors on this achievement and look forward to hearing additional updates of the study.

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