Friday, 26 June 2015

New international alliance to bolster research and educational opportunities for SPHPM

To transform and improve health care many stakeholders are involved; dynamic approaches and innovative thinking are paramount to get results. In order to best incorporate the wide pool of people involved in improving health care, on international local scales, there has been an increased funding and research shift to ‘healthcare improvement science’.

This provides the opportunity to span the translational gap in moving ‘from what we know to what we do’ in health service delivery.

To tackle these issues, The Monash-Warwick Alliance has funded a proposal titled Monash-Warwick Health Care Improvement Alliance, which includes SPHPM and Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI) from Monash’s Faculty Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences, and Monash’s Faculty of Business and Economics, Warwick University Business and Medical Schools and Monash Business School. Investment from both universities totals approximately $5 million.

Professor John McNeil, Head of SPMPH, said that current challenges facing health care systems cannot be addressed by a single discipline, or simply within one institution, and that collaboration presents a powerful opportunity to make change on a global scale.

“By supporting the development of health care improvement science as a core research and educational activity the two universities will generate new knowledge and understanding that will impact on changes to health care policy and practices in Australia, United Kingdom and globally,” Professor McNeil said.

Patient health care experience and quality of life; quality of healthcare; and the access, equity and sustainable affordability of health care are considered core policy objectives in United Kingdom, Australia and most comparable nations. The Monash-Warwick Health Care Improvement Alliance will attempt to address these objectives through collaborative and innovative approaches to research and subsequent clinical practice.

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