Wednesday, 17 June 2015

SPHPM International Public Health Fellowship Trainees visit the City of Melton Council

SPHPM hosts a training program for International Trainees who are undertaking a research doctorate in the field of public health. The aim of this international internship is to give students an insight into public health issues and practice in Australia, in order to return to their home countries to take up positions of leadership in the health service.

Recently students in the training program visited the City of Melton Council to learn about a range of public health matters and activities pertinent to this specific area of Melbourne. 

The day provided an optimum ‘in the field’ experience for the students, equipping them with insight that they can put into practice in their future work in the community.

“We gain valuable experience on public health programs in Australia by visiting organisations such as the City of Melton, who are conducting a range of program on various public health issues,” student Maheeka Seneviwickrama said.

The day included presentations on health planning and promotion, local government population health planning and obesity prevention.

“This experience will help us to identify good practices which can be adapted to public health programs in our own country when we return to undertake work in the field,” Maheeka said.

The Sri Lankan training program provides students with a year of experience in the innovative research precinct at The Alfred Hospital, access to short courses, the opportunity to publish peer-review publications and conference participation and ongoing career advice and mentoring.

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