Tuesday, 16 June 2015

SPHPM’s Professor Flavia Cicuttini wins esteemed award for her research in rheumatology

Professor Flavia Cicuttini was recently awarded the Australian Rheumatology Association President’s Prize for collaborative research with Professor Graeme Jones from the University of Tasmania.

The President’s Prize recognises collaborative research endeavours within Australia and was announced at the Australian Rheumatology Association’s 56th Annual Scientific Meeting.

This prestigious triennial prize is awarded to a collaborative research group based upon the body of published work in a specific area of research by said group. Collaborations must be either inter‐disciplinary or conducted at more than one institution, with the research conducted predominantly within Australia and via Australian institutions. The collaborative research endeavour may span a time period greater than the three year period preceding the award.

Professor Cicuttini was also the recipient of the Australian Rheumatology Association Parr Prize for best Rheumatology Research over the last 3 years in 2010. 

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