Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dr Carol Hodgson attends the 2015 Prato Conference

Dr Carol Hodgson recently attended the Prato Collaborative Clinical Trials in Intensive Care Medicine Conference 2015.

Dr Hodgson was both on the organising committee and the opening speaker of the program. She presented 'Emerging trends in ICU Recovery' followed by A/Prof Eddy Fan (Canada) with 'ICU recovery and international practice'. The following panel discussion generated animated dialogue regarding the best outcome measure to determine long-term outcomes following critical illness.

The Conference created great opportunities to meet with international colleagues and discuss potential opportunities in the development of a registry and core outcome measures following extracorporeal life support (ECMO). It also led to discussion of new sites in the U.K to participate in the PHARLAP study (led by Professor Kathy Rowan in London) and the best primary outcome measure to use for a large Phase III study on early mobilisation in ICU.

Following the Prato Conference, Dr Hodgson visited Paris to meet with colleagues who were involved in the International ECMO Network at La Pitie Hospital. Dr Hodgson had a tour of the ICU and also attended a “handover” of patients requiring ECMO. There was also further discussion about the possibility of an ECMO registry and possible sites for collaboration if they are successfully funded in their project grant.

Dr Hodgson is immensely thankful to the SPHPM research committee for the opportunity to attend the Prato Conference which she found was both informative and productive.

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