Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Aus-ROC attends New Zealand Resuscitation Council Conference

In early April, SPHPM’s Aus-ROC (Australian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium) team attended the New Zealand Resuscitation Council Conference. This conference runs in partnership with the Australian Resuscitation Council, each hosting the conference in alternate years. This year it was Auckland’s turn to be the host.

The team that attended the conference was made up of both Victorian and Western Australian Aus-ROC members in addition to Ambulance Victoria partners. The conference focused on the recent update to resuscitation guidelines and had some prominent international key note speakers, including Aus-ROC director Professor Judith Finn.

While the free paper opportunities at this conference were limited, Aus-ROC made a considerable contribution with two oral presentations (only six presented in total) from Dr Janet Bray and Dr Ben Beck.

Dr Bray presented her work on factors associated with patients recognising chest pain as being heart related. The alarming results demonstrated that many patients who experience a heart attack do not attribute their symptoms as being heart related and therefore experience longer pre-hospital delays.

Dr Ben Beck presented work on exploring factors that predicted the return of spontaneous circulation in traumatic out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients. This work highlighted that known predictors of outcome in medical cardiac arrests may not apply in traumatic cardiac arrest, demonstrating the need for more work in this area.

Aus-ROC also had a considerable presence in the poster presentations, presenting six posters of the 13 displayed at the Conference, from Dr Bray, Dr Beck, Dr Lahn Straney, Kylie Dyson and Susie Cartledge. In addition, our Ambulance Victoria partners and students, Ziad Nehme and Emily Andrew- both studying at SPHPM, gave three oral presentations and five poster presentations.

All of these presentations generated much discussion and interest around the diverse issues of traumatic cardiac arrest, the use of supplemental oxygen and public education of heart attack signs and symptoms.

The Aus-ROC team look forward to attending and contributing to the next Australasian resuscitation conference in 2017, which will be hosted by the Australian Resuscitation Council in Adelaide.

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