Tuesday, 14 June 2016

SPHPM’s Helena Teede in London on a visiting Professorship

Professor Helena Teede, Director of Monash Centre of Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI) within SPHPM and Executive Director of Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC), is currently in London building collaborations with multiple groups as well as undertaking a visiting Professorship.

These collaborations include Kings Partners AHSC, the Farr Institute (an international centre of excellence in health informatics research), collaborators at Hammersmith Hospital and Barts where she is also speaking at the Katherine Twining Research Network meeting on "Risk Prediction in Gestational Diabetes and in Large for Gestational Age Babies".

Professor Teede said the visit have been invaluable in learning how the UK is progressing in integrating research across the translational research continuum, education and health services across the continuum of care.

“Key to this success has been the integration of the sectors and the aligned vision around health impact. Learnings here are critical to Australia as we consider the future dispersion of the Medical Research Future Fund,” said Professor Teede.

On the 10th anniversary of the National Institute of Health Research, which disperses one billion pounds per year to build and drive research to improve health, the UK research sector is thriving, she said and having a tangible impact on health.

“The most inspiring observation has been the move from a sequential inefficient and antiquated approach to translational research across the continuum to an iterative and parallel approach to research and more importantly to translation,” said Professor Teede.

Exemplars have included datasets linked to health services and outcomes and to biospecimens, enabling quantum advances in research on human tissue. Others include the "pull" of the health service and clinical needs driving interdisciplinary research to directly address need and enabling rapid translation and implementation. The Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) initiative is an exceptional example of this.

Professor Teede hopes to bring these observations of success back to Australia and to build further links and collaborations between our AHSC's and those in the UK.

“Whilst the trip has been intellectually stimulating and exciting, the London and Welsh weather has failed to do the same and the first week of summer has resembled the winter weather I thought I’d left behind,” said Professor Teede.

“However the sights in London and Wales still excelled despite the drenching downpour and bitter cold,” she said.

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