Monday, 14 November 2016

SPHPM’s Department of Forensic Medicine unveils their new Future Leaders Communiqué

The Department of Forensic Medicine here at SPHPM, in conjunction with the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, have added an important publication to their suite with the Future Leaders Communiqué.

This dynamic new electronic publication, like its sister publications (the Residential Aged Care Communiqué and the Clinical Communiqué), contains narrative case reports about lessons learned from Coroners’ investigations into preventable deaths. The intention is to have healthcare graduates with a fresh take on current matters.

Designed for junior medical practitioners and any other recently graduated health professionals, each issue is developed, written, reviewed and edited by a junior medical practitioner to ensure we have provided the relevant clinical context combined with accessible language and up-to-date expertise.

The inaugural guest editor is Dr Nicholas Lonergan, who is in his third post-graduate year working at a large regional hospital. Nicholas’ professional interest is in Emergency Medicine and he puts the use of protocols, guidelines and checklists under the microscope. Each edition will have a junior practitioner at the editorial helm, providing fresh direction and insight each quarter.

Dr Lonergan said he believes that the Future Leaders Communiqué highlights the dangers of blindly following protocols without understanding the underlying assumptions and pathology.

“My interest in this subject stems from the observation of the increasing number of protocols being used in modern medicine and their application to patients which may or may not be appropriate; thus creating increased cost, paperwork and not always seeing the targeted benefit.

“I strongly believe that this new resource will lead to improvements in junior doctor education, patient care, and safety,” said Dr Lonergan.

The first edition has expert commentary from Dr Mark Putland, a Fulbright scholar offering his views from an Emergency Medicine perspective; Dr Heather Buchan explaining the role of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care; and Mr Slav Racunica, a former RAAF pilot providing unique insights from aviation relevant to both experienced and inexperienced health professionals.

“The Future Leaders Communiqué is an educational resource full of practical insights that aims to help people better understand and improve their clinical practice,” said Professor Joseph Ibrahim from the Health Law and Ageing Research Unit in the Department of Forensic Medicine.

Professor Ibrahim added that the initiative has been achieved thanks to the enormous generosity of the contributing junior medical staff, editorial team of Dr Nicola Cunningham and Alex and Samuel Gillard and expert commentators.

This exciting new resource is made possible through the support of the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Monash University, La Trobe University, Department of Health and Human Services, Victorian Managed Insurance Authority, and the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria.

The Future Leaders Communiqué is available by free subscription – click here to register.

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