Wednesday, 14 December 2016

SPHPM PhD Candidate grant success from Norway

SPHPM PhD Candidate and Registered Nurse Susie Cartledge has recently been awarded a grant for her project ‘Improving the uptake of CPR training in Australian cardiac rehabilitation programs’. The funding comes from the Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine, which was established in 1980 to provide financial support to practically oriented research and development in acute medicine.

The objective of Susie’s study is to pilot a multi-centre randomised control study to improve the update of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training in cardiac rehabilitation programs, attended by high-risk cardiac patients and their households.

Improving rates of bystander CPR is a vital public health issue and by focusing on groups at high-risk of out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA), such as cardiac patients and their households, it is hoped that patient outcomes can be noticeably improved.

“We recently conducted a national survey of cardiac rehabilitation programs in Australia and found only 24 per cent of programs offered CPR training,” Susie said.

She explained that in the study she will conduct a radomised controlled trial in Victoria where program coordinators will receive either: an information package on how to implement CPR training into their program; or the information package, two types of self-instructional CPR training kits that can be used to train clients, and a face-to-face information session on how to implement training into their program.

The main outcome measure will be the inclusion of CPR training (or steps made towards this) into cardiac rehabilitation programs six months post intervention.

“This study has the potential to lead to improved patient outcomes through ensuring that uniform CPR training is provided to high-risk cardiac patients and their family members. With the rising prevalence of heart disease in the Australian community, awareness of CPR and training is increasingly important, as there is an increased risk of OHCA in this group,” Susie said.

Congratulations to Susie from us all at SPHPM on this funding and for your continued important work in the community.

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